When Rob interviewed Vice-President Joe Biden.

Hear Rob's interview about college affordability, and Obamacare affecting students.

When Rob went on the Elvis Duran Show

Hear Rob's visit to the Elvis Duran Show presenting the 2014 Bravery In Radio Award.

When Rob interviewed Stewart Copeland from The Police
Hear Rob's interview with the legendary drummer and percussionist talking about life after The Police and beyond.



Radio professor. PhD. Audio creator. College radio enthusiast. Marconi-award winning General Manager. Award-winning radio producer. Author (when needed). Tea aficionado. Indian food lover. Reluctant Tweeter. Slightly overweight. Overall nice bloke.

'Nuff said.

When Rob interviewed Coldplay's Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland
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When Rob interviewed  Ray Manzarek  from The Doors

Hear Rob's interview about Jim Morrison, life with The Doors and the impact of drugs upon the band and their music.

When Rob went on the Howard Stern Show.

Hear Rob talking about college radio as well as the Bravery in Radio Award that was presented to Howard and Robin in 2011.